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First off, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment and loyalty during a pivotal phase in GenTech’s history, and for continuing to join us as we work to build our long-term vision and steer the Company toward the many exciting steps that lie in front of us.

My goal today is to present you with a more robust understanding of why we are so excited about the path ahead, and how we plan to execute on our vision as we aggressively enter the health and wellness space with a strong focus on the Cannabidiol (“CBD”) market through our brand designation, “The Healthy Leaf”.

The core of our vision is a national chain of ‘Healthy Leaf’ branded coffee houses, an e-commerce hub, and a targeted outreach program directed toward medical facilities with the goal of educating patients and health practitioners of the extraordinary health and wellness benefits of CBD.

We see ‘The Healthy Leaf’ becoming synonymous with an invigorating break for busy health-conscious people in need of a recharge. We want to provide that consumer opportunity – an oasis from the anxiety and stress of daily life for a half hour of yoga, a wellness and relaxation class, or perhaps just a peaceful CBD infused Tea or a revitalizing CBD infused lunch time snack bar.

The CBD market is one of the fastest growing consumer product markets on the planet right now, with some analysts projecting as much as 20x growth over the next 36 months. One of the truly unique facets to this growth curve is that has not been sponsored by any major existing brands from established large-cap corporate entities. It has been truly organic.

At this point, we have carved out a roadmap covering a two-year period, at the end of which we intend to have a franchise model in place with locations spanning the US market from coast to coast. We plan to advance our medical outreach agenda and our e-commerce model over the very near term to pave the way for this retail expansion.

We will update you on our progress frequently as we achieve key milestones along the way. Our most immediate objectives include the establishment of key marketing and early-stage product supply partnerships, as well as initial steps involved in meeting our real estate requirements for the establishment of our first location.

Finally, now that we are launching The Healthy Leaf, it is more important than ever to have the proper strategy in place to cultivate a strong identity and narrative in the marketplace during this critical stage. 

As such, to help us navigate this transition and maximize the commercial opportunity in front of us, we have partnered with the exceptional team at EHC Branding Agency to handle our social media, corporate communications, product branding, digital media, and web presence.

There are a lot of exciting steps ahead of us, and we look forward to keeping our shareholders and the wider market fully informed at every turn.

That suggests there is a great deal of room for further growth. And we see “The Healthy Leaf” as targeting a relative unexploited niche in this market – one that is very naturally suited to a holistic marketing approach that leverages a coherent lifestyle concept, allowing it to thrive.

Best Regards,

David Lovatt,



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